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Puppy Play Gear

Ready to unleash your inner doggo and have some real kinky pup play fun? Well, you're in luck, because our puppy play gear collection has everything you need to get your bark on!

Puppy Play Collars

Get your tail wagging with our super-comfy pup play collars that will have you yapping with pleasure and feel like the top dog. Made from the finest leather, our leather pup play collars are perfect for those who like to play rough and go wild. We've even got collars with D-rings, studs and even custom collars that will make you feel like the baddest pup in town! Check out all our leather collars here. And dont forget to ad a leash, your can find them here.

Gags for Puppy Play

And for those who love to chew and play with their toys, we've got gags in the shape of a bone that will make you drool with excitement. With adjustable straps, they'll fit snugly in your mouth and keep you quiet as you play with your new pup friends. Check out all our gags here. 

Puppy Play Harness

And thats not all my furry friends! Get ready to strut your stuff with our leather harnesses that will make you feel like the biggest, baddest dog in town. And don't forget about our matching leather wristbands! They'll have you barking with pleasure as you show off your new accessories. Check out all our leather harnesses here.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to grab your leash and go for a walk on the wild side! Our pup play gear is just what you need to get your bark on and get ready to let your inner doggy out to play! Woof, Woof!

Looking for something that isn't available in our webshop? Drop us a line for your request, we might be able to fix it for you anyway!


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