Fetish Clothing: What to Wear to a Fetish Party?

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Sexy party people, it’s time to get (un)dressed. After a choky summer, the cold months are coming up. But hey, thankfully they are full of hot kinky parties! Various fetish events and liberating parties from Amsterdam to Berlin, from London to New York are there to warm you. Did you manage to get tickets to a kinky party like Wasteland? Good for you! Then this is the place and the time to prepare and score a perfect fetish clothing outfit. 

It's time to get (un)dressed!


Which Fetish Clothing to wear at a fetish party?

There is so much to wear! What is your style? Leather with some accessories?  A puppy mask? A bondage collar? Maybe some BDSM lingerie? No matter what fetish clothing you prefer, you want to shine, play and maybe even provoke. Well, we feel you 😉! Are you going clubbing or to a kinky party, an erotic party or an exciting private party for the first time? Are you just discovering this party scene and it’s all completely new to you: Stay tuned! We are happy to give you some tips.


Tip 1: Fetish Clothing and Dress Codes

Most kinky parties, have a dress code that you can check on their website. Yet it is also important that you feel comfortable in the fetish clothing you have selected. What feels good? What do you want to radiate? Do you want to wear something subtle, like a sexy outfit combined with a BDSM Collar? Or just the whole shebang, like a Leather Lingerie combined with a Harness (feminine / masculine) and Cuffs, Collar and Leash? Or maybe something in between, like a Leather Mask and a Belt? You should in any case feel good in your outfit, then you will radiate that. In fact, your clothes can do so much for you that you go into a role and in that way enjoy maximum and rise above yourself ánd all the others!

Tip 2: Find Fetish Clothing Inspiration and Dare Yourself

The seductive images of fetish clothing you see on the socials of beautiful party people on the white beaches of Ibiza, sultry sexy people in clubs in Amsterdam, kinky people at parties in Berlin, or the stunning creative outfits at burning man; it's all great inspiration to come up with your ideal fetish clothing outfit. But what suits you? Do you want to explore what an outfit feels like and push your limits? By purchasing different items you automatically create your own style. So do try something complete out of your comfort-zone, maybe you'll like it!

Tip 3: Mix and Match your Fetish Clothing!

Kinky clothes can be worn in many ways. You can expose as much as you want. Find your limits and make sure you feel at ease. 

We have designed a series of fetish clothing especially for the kinky party scene that can be worn in many ways. Over your clothes, under a jacket, over lingerie or just beautiful nude. With our designs you can put together a set in the same colour. 

 This is how you can combine it:

  • Dressed: With a nice tight shirt or mesh top under it.
  • With lingerie: In a club you can combine a harness with lingerie.
  • Beautiful nude: At a kinky party you wear it on your bare skin.

    But please, be original! Go out there and inspire others with your style and look stylish as f*ck!


    Tip 4: Choose Good Quality Fetish Clothing

    In the heat of the moment you don't want to have to worry about whether your fetish outfit will hold up. Our fetish clothing and play gear is of the very best quality and very comfortable to wear. The leather is very soft and therefore it feels wonderful on your skin. 

    Then you're ready for your journey. Enjoy the beautiful people, your freedom and be yourself at all times!  Get ready & be kinky. The party is on!

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